Maryland Bridal Beauties & SES


  • Back  Treatment For Acne
    The back treatment will consist of a deep cleansing, with exfoliant, extractions, and high frequency & prevent future breakouts.
  • Brow,Lip,Chin,Neck & Side Of Face
  • Brazilian
    Wax the entire area.
  • Brow / Lip / Chin / Side Of Face
  • Brows & sides Of Face
  • Bikini Wax
  • Detox Peel And Facial Special
    Perfect peel and facial to remove dead skin, eliminate toxins, and deep pore cleansing to help to rejuvenate skin. Extractions if needed.
  • Bridal   Makeup
  • PCA Hydrating Signature Facial
    Perfect choice for your first facial. Skin will feel refreshed, smooth, and glow. Deep cleansing, mask, arm, hand, face, & scalp massage.
  • Bridal Makeup, Lashes & Spray Tan
    For your special day all you need is a touch of make up, beautiful lashes, and a gorgeous spray tan.
  • Intensive Vitamin C Hydrate Facial
    Design to help strengthen skin, improve appearance, & amplify skin brightness. The objective is to minimize intense lines & wrinkles.
  • Bridal Makeup & Strip Lashes
    Bridal make up and additional touch of beautiful strip lashes to make your wedding day extra special.
  • Jessner Peel & Hydrating Facial
    Intense peel will help to soften skin, feel refresh, and you will experience peeling that will leave you with a glow & a relaxing facial.
  • Bridesmaids / Wedding Day
  • Massage  & Facial Combo  V ❤️❤️ Day
    Back treatment massage consist of 45 minutes. Deep cleansing & relaxing back muscles. The facial will be customize to your skin care needs. Deep cleansing, Exfoliation, Vitamin C mask, arms, hands, facial, scalp, & foot massage.
  • Brow & Chin
  • Brow & Lip
  • PCA Facial Package
    Pick 4 Facials (not including mini facial). Receive 50% off your 4th facial. Package must be paid in Advance.
  • Brow, lip, & chin
  • PCA Facial & Peel Package
    Combine any PCA facial and peel of three and the fourth facial and Peel will be 50% off. Package must be paid in Advance.
  • PCA Skin Facial For Men
    Designed to clear, hydrate, and revitalize men's skin. Extractions optional.
  • Rejuvenating PCA Facial
    Perfect facial for premature aging skin. Skin will feel smooth hydrated , and refreshed to help improve texture & minimize fine lines.
  • Brows
  • Ultra Peel & Facial
    This is a light peel will give you a glow and feel refresh with a hydrating facial to improve skin textures and restore moisture.
  • Side Of Face
  • Brow Tint
  • Ultra Peel 1 Or 2 Rejuvenate Facial
    The peel & facial helps to improve skin firmness, lighten dark spots, smooth fine lines, and to prepare the skin for the Jessner peel.
  • Chin
  • Day Of Beauty Package
    PCA Signature Facial, Stress Relief Back Treatment, Arm & Scalp Massage, Makeup Application, and end the day with lunch.
  • Detox Peel
    This peel helps to give a deep pore cleansing, beautify the skin, & detoxify the skin and feel refreshed.
  • Eyelash Clusters
  • French Bikini
  • Full Leg Wax
  • Jessner Peel Salicylic & Ritnal AA+
    Best results will peel for three days and will see a clear glowing and refreshed face with improving skin texture and elasticity.
  • Lash Tint
  • Lip & Chin
  • Lower Leg
  • Makeup Lesson
    To master easy makeup techniques, how to apply foundation, eye makeup, blush, lipstick , contouring, and have a fun experience!
  • Makeup Trial For Bride
  • Men's Back Waxing
  • Men's Chest Wax
  • PCA Peel hydroquinone & Resorcinol
    Most potent & enhanced Jessner's. The peel will even skin tone and is extremely effective for sun damaged & it will benefit cystic acne.
  • Perfect Spa Package For The Bride!
    The package includes: Bridal Trial Makeup, Day of Wedding Makeup, Spray Tan, Deep Cleansing Facial, Brow & Brazilian Waxing and Lunch.
  • Sensi Peel Facial
    Hydrates and brightens the skin, and safe for clients with sensitive skin. Includes a relaxing facial to stimulate cell turnover to minimize fine lines. The facial will include 7 layer plant mask and a relaxing facial, hand, and scalp massage.
  • Stress Relief Back Treatment
    Massage will help relax muscles and ease tension for the back, shoulders, trapezius & lower back. Finish with a warm towel back cleansing.
  • Stress Relief Back Treatment
    Massage to help relax muscles & ease tension for the back, shoulders, trapezius, and lower back. Finish with warm towels & back cleansing.
  • Stress Relief Back Treatment
    Massage to help relax muscles and ease tension for the back, shoulders, trapezius, and lower back. Finish with a warm towel cleansing.
  • Stripe Lashes (False)
  • Ultra Peel 1
    Speeds up cell turnover, prevents skin dehydration, and promotes an even skin tone. Skin will feel smooth and refreshed.
  • Ultra Peel 2
    Advance exfoliation treatment to promote bright and even skin tone. Helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines, and wrinkles.
  • Wax Fingers
  • Wax Full Leg & Bikini
  • Wax Full Leg & Brazilian
  • Wax Full Leg & French Bikini
  • Wax - Lip
  • Wax Lower Arm
  • Wax Toes
  • Wax Under Arms
  • Wax Upper Arm
  • Back Shaved
  • Brightening Fruit Acid Peel
    Brightening Fruit Acid Peel . 98 % natural. Radiance booster Resurfacer and a little tingle; a lotta Results feeling silky smooth! Great to help smooth lines after Summer 🏖 Moving into the Fall Season . 5% Lactic 5% Malic & 5% Citric. Made of Blackberry & Papaya
  • Brow Lamination
    Brow sculpting, shaping, tint, & wax. Helps with shaping and to define your Brows.
  • Brows, Lip, & Side Of Face
  • Brows, Lip, & side of face
  • Chocolate  Deluxe Facial
    Enjoy a relaxing chocolate deluxe facial. Will help deep cleanse your skin and bring out impurities. Circulate oxygen and nutrition and give your skin a healthy glow. Enjoy a relaxing scalp, hand, and facial massage.
  • Customize Facial  ❤️
    A Facial to Customized Your Skin Care Needs. To include Cleansing, Exfoliating, Mask, Massage, and Extractions if Needed. Also a 30 minute pressure points to relieve tension and stress!!
  • Deep #5 Peel exfolient Facial
    Deep Exfoliator and Peel . Will Deep Cleans your pores to help promote faster cell turnover. Will help to minimize fine lines and filled with antioxidants and vitamin C to hydrate skin. Highly recommend as summer comes to an end to improve skin texture.
  • Deep Cleansing & Extractions
    Deep Cleansing to Remove Dead Skin and helps to Improve Skin texture. Adding an Enzyme Mask to soften skin to do easy extractions and improve the appearance of your skin.
  • Derma Planning
    Removes Dead Skin and Facial Hair. Your skin will feel Refreshed, Smooth, & Clean. Enjoy a deep cleansing with hydrated serum to help moisturize your skin.
  • Derma planning / Facial
    Removes Dead Skin and Hair from Face. Your skin will feel smooth and have a fresh Glow. Enjoy a relaxing massage from your face to your scalp with a mask chosen to benefit your skin texture.
  • Eight greens Phyto Masque
    Enjoy eight Greens 🥬 Phyto Masque to help skin feels smooth after a Harsh Winter. Rich in Vitamin C & E!! Relax with a deep exfoliater and turns into a silky cleanser. Enjoy a relaxing Scalp, Facial, and hand massage. Filled with vitamins and organic fruits!! You will enjoy!!
  • Hydro Oxygen Facial
    Hydro facial cleansing serums and painless gentle suction, excess sebum, debris, and clogging oils are extracted from the pores. Moisturizing serums replenish and nourish your skin cells leaving your skin fresh, rejuvenated and with a youthful glow!
  • Mighty Tighty Banana 🍌Mask Facial
    Enjoy Turmeric & Banana 🍌 Tightening Mask. Adds the Tingles of Radiance Booster and Winkle Defender. Enjoy a Facial and a touch of a Relaxing Scalp Massage.
  • Pajama Paste Facial Yogurt Mask
    Enjoy A Soothing Active Yogurt Mask made with Texas wildflower, 🍯 honey, and oats. Super hydrator, reduces redness, and pulls out impurities as it dries. Enjoy a relaxing massage and feel refreshed.
  • Stone Crop Facial
    This facial is perfect to start your Summer. Stone crop mask is made of 7 plants 🌱 to benefit your skin care Needs. Will hydrate the skin with a touch of Vitamin C to help with faster cell turn over. Enjoy a relaxing scalp and facial massage. Complimentary Brow Wax!
  • Vitamin - C Chamomile Facial Mask
    Welcome a new day with this vitamin C-rich Facial chamomile blend! This mask includes retinol, brightening clays, fermented lemon peel extract, and antioxidant-full cucumber & watercress extracts. The tight, smooth and clarifying effect is a lovely refresher.
  • Wax Thigh